Renegade Craft Fair

2008 renegade craft fair

went to the renegade craft fair today.
was really really hot and humid

fell in love with too many things and spent more money than i needed too =P
some of my favs....

Jason Sposa
simple line drawings with lots of wit and h

this one is called "the two of us" its going on my bedroom wall
find him here

Ork Posters by Jenny Beorkrem
map of a city with all the different neighborhoods
awesome typography and nice graphic colors
had to represent bro
oklyn so got a nice yellow one for the livingroom

for more, go

Nguyen Le's Knit Knit

i love the way she mixes materials from metal to felt to crochet etc. look here for more

vintage typewriters...
who would have thought they would make good accessories?

to find your typewriter keys, look here

represent your city!

find your city and more here

1 comment:

kohffeine said...

i love the typewriter keys and the ork posters... i've been wanting forever to get one of boston.