laptop case

my bf got the macbook air couple years ago and never got a case for it.
that thing is so light and skinny that you just need a nice slip to protect it.

i surprised her by making her a case for her bday this year.

it's super easy to make!
i just got the dimensions of the laptop from apple.com
cut out felt according to the dimensions, but giving it some extra room
(just in case!)
sewed along the sides to hold and to decorate
made a flap on top
used fabric glue to fold down the sides
sewed on buttons for decoration
that's it!


Una said...

at first, when you wrote bf... i was thinking "seaj is your husband now"... but i got it... best friend. hahahaha

yuri said...

i luv it!

jea lee said...

does it come in black? :)

priskilla said...

you are so wonderful!